Iran: Statement of the Mothers of Laleh Park for International Women’s Day (Farsi)

Mourning Mothers of Laleh Park

Mourning Mothers of Laleh Park

A Brief History of Women’s Movements in Iran 1850 – 2001

United4Iran calls on Iranian authorities to put an end to their systematic assault on women’s rights

female prisoners 8 March 2013 (2)

Afghan Women Call for Solidarity – Women’s Day 2013

Afghanistan Marks International Women’s Day Amid Criticism

afghan womans-day

Afghanistan marks Women’s Day with film festival

Women in Afghanistan: In Prison for Being Raped


Afghanistan: Woman protesting against victimisation by judiciary

Facebook Campaign: Unveil Women’s Right to Unveil

8 march 2013 poster

Interactive Map: Women’s political rights around the world


8 märz poster hh 2013

Bayern / Bavaria

8 März DGB Bayern


toronto 8 march 2013 poster